• Over many years Australia has been the destination of choice for thousands of people emigrating from the UK

  • Whether it is as a skilled worker, to be with your Australian partner or to join your family there are many visa options to explore and to make your dreams come true.

  • Are you ready for your "new life" in Australia?

Your New Life In Australia.

New life in Australia

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Ian Marshall

Visa Consultant

Australia - lots of space

You Want Space?

Australia has More than you will ever need.

Auistralia - great for families

A New Life In Australia

Ian Marshall,visa consultant

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To live the Australian dream you need to secure the correct visa. The actual process is complex, confusing, contradictory and forever changing.


We have helped many hundreds of people secure their visas and guided them through their relocation and settlement. Our aim is to provide you with a friendly and professional service through our small friendly specialist team here in the UK.

Australia is truly a land of opportunity that provides its people a very high standard of living.


A sophisticated  country Australia needs a highly skilled and settled workforce that can support a dynamic and growing economy.


For you and your family Australia offers a safe and secure environment in which to live and that relaxed lifestyle the Aussies are famed for.