Bring your parents to Australia Granddaughter (7-9) building sandcastles with grandmother in Australia Missing the children has been the hardest

Parent Visas

When your children said they were emigrating to Australia you probably felt their excitement at their new life and opportunities.


At the same you dreaded them going. You knew you were going to miss them and your grandchildren terribly.


"OK, we can afford to go on holiday sometimes and we always have Skype" But it's just not the same as being there for them, and now them being there for you. There is a visa options that also allow you to live in Australia.

"Missing the grandchildren has been the hardest..."



The visa used by parents wishing to join their family in Australia is:


The Contributory Parent Visa that requires a substantial bond and investment. This visa takes between 36 - 48 months to process.


In addittion to being of good health and character you must be sponsored by one of your children who is a permanent resident in Australia.


To be eligible you must have an equal or greater number of children living in Australia.


Emigration is a complex process and we always fully explain to our clients what is needed and the process in detail.

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Applying for an Australian Visa can be very daunting and complex, so I would thoroughly recommend the use of an immigration agent. We hired the services of Ian Marshall from "Advice On Migration". Ian was able to guide us through the whole parent visa process,  keeping us informed of developments every step of the way. His highly approachable manner also made us feel at ease throughout the whole process.

Indeed, his wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping us through the whole processs proved crucial in the success of our application and move to Australia. We cannot thank Ian enough!

Terry and Heather Massey.

Formerly from Plymouth, Devon. ( Now permanent residents in Perth, WA )  

April 2016

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