No Need for UK & Irish Professional Engineers to get stressed when emigrating to Australia

Article published by Ian Marshall - Advice on Migration March 2017.


With a great deal of uncertainty following Brexit many professionals are considering opportunities abroad in more stable and secure environments.


A destination high on the list for British and Irish engineers continues to be Australia. Most engineering occupations are on the priority skilled occupation list and for those with a four year engineering degree opportunities abound. For those whose degree wasn’t majored in engineering but have a long and successful track record behind them, Australia is still a realistic option.


But there is a fly in the ointment! Australian immigration policy is constantly under review. This time it is the popular 457 temporary worker’s visa reported by Phil Mercer of BBC News, Sydney. The article can be found at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39128738.


The 457 visa has been popular with many employers as historically it has been a relatively straight forward and quick process. However, governments love bureaucracy and because it has been abused by some employers there have been increased restrictions and processing delays. The government also needs to be seen to manage this and to assuage those fearing immigrants are taking their jobs.


The other downside to the 457 visa is that is temporary and that means a risk for the visa holder. If the job disappears within two years, not unusual on contract work, then the visa holder has to find a new employer within 28 days or come home with family in tow.


However, there is good news. For most qualified Professional Engineers the process to secure Permanent Residency has been in our recent experience just 6 – 8 months. That is from your first enquiry to having the visa issued. That’s just brilliant because it allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia. This provides you and your family with security and flexibility if you want to move on. British and Irish Engineers are highly regarded and attractive to Australian employers.


Engineering Associates and Technologists need degree/diploma qualifications together with a competency demonstration report.


Applicants for visas need to score of 60 points to make a valid application as shown below. A co-ordinated approach to making a successful application requires bringing together the many elements needed to make a cohesive and successful application. This includes the necessary skills assessment and then the immigration application itself. Part of the process involves placing your details in the Department of Immigration system where you register your details. Your information is then made available to approved employers and state governments who can also nominate you for a position or through the state for priority processing.


Educational Qualifications


Diploma / Trade Qualification10 points

Bachelor / Masters Degree15 points

Doctorate Degree20 points




18-24 (inclusive)25 points


25-32 (inclusive)30 points


33-39 (inclusive)25 points


40-44 (inclusive)15 points


45-49 (inclusive) 0 points


English Language Ability


Proficient English

10 points

Superior English

20 points


Employment Experience

3 years5 points

5 years10 points

8 years15 points




Applicants can also be awarded extra points for; Australian qualifications, Australian employment experience, State / Territory sponsorship and Partner skills.

Obviously, occupations present on the Skilled Occupation List for Australia due to a recognised demand. Therefore Engineers can be confident that their inclusion on the list means very good employment prospects Down Under.  

Updated 19 April 2017      (Subject to change)


Professional Engineers


Aeronautical Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Electronics Engineers

Electrical Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer  

Industrial Engineer

Materials Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Naval Architect

Production or Plant Engineer

Structural Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Network Engineer

Transport Engineer


Engineering Technologist


Engineering Technologist

Civil Engineering Draftsperson

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

Electronics Engineering Draftsperson

Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson

Telecommunication Field Engineer

Telecommunications Network Planner

Telecommunications Technical Officer

or Technologist


Managers and Administrators


Engineering Manager


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