Australian Skilled Worker Visas

All Australian visa applications are managed and processed by the government through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Most applications are administered online through various DIABP offices in Australia. Some are managed through local country Embassies or Consulates.

Skilled worker visas require that you meet a number of criteria and in most cases a minimum points score that is currently set at 60 points.


The interpretation of criteria is often mistaken by clients. This is a critical element of any application and is where our knowledge and experience can guide you.


Factors include proven education, work experience, health and character. The lead applicant has to be under 45 years of age.


Other rules determine who you may include in your application and for some visas your settlement funds.


At Advice On Migration we review your background fully. We only accept clients who we believe have both the commitment and background to achieve their dream of living and working in Australia.


Our consultants are skilled in supporting clients through this complex process guiding and advising you through to securing your visas, your job search and settlement in Australia.



The Stepping Stones To Success - Skill Select


1. We undertake a full review of your background and check that against current immigration regulations.


2. An offer of service is sent to you outlining the process. costs and likely timescales. The agreement sets out our mutual responsibilities.


3. In most cases you need to have your skills assessed to demonstrate equivalence to the required Australian standard for your occupation.


4. Permanent Residency applications are then submitted to DIABP - this is your online Expression Of Interest.


5. Following selection from the pool of applicants you are then invited to apply for a specific visa.


6. Supporting evidence is requested and subject to all information meeting the set criteria your visas are granted.


As a guide the process typically takes between 9 and 12 months.

The Skilled Occupation List 


Follow the link in the main menu to see those jobs that are currently suitable to support a visa application.


Not all job titles correlate to other countries - if you need guidance please contact us.


Which Visa?


We have highlighted the most likely visas for those clients seeking Permanent Residency in Australia


Skilled Independent - This visa allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia


Skilled Nominated - This visa requires sponsorship by an Australian State or by an approved family member. Restrictions on where you can live and work apply.


Employer Nominated - This visa allows an employer to nominate you directly, employment restrictions apply.

Australia needs skilled workers Jobs in Australia

"Thank you soooo much for all you did , we moved out to Cairns and haven't looked back since. We both have jobs that we enjoy and kids are settling in brill . A big thank you for making this all happen for us ! "

Paul & Katie Haddon.


Thank you so much for helping our family achieve this life dream, can I just say that we think you did a fantastic job, you were knowledgeable and provided us with a very prompt and personal service.

Mark & Sarah Waite

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