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You have found the love of your life - you have found that right person to share your time and future together.


BUT, the path of true love is rarely smooth.  Falling in love with someone from another country let alone one on the other side of the world brings many practical as well as emtional issues to be overcome.

Australia does welcome people from overseas who wish to join their Australian partner who is a citizen or settled permanent resident.


The scenarios that bring people together are many such as meeting someone on holiday, meeting through work or family or increasingly online.


The nature of relationships is that they don't always work out. Because of this the immigration authorities need to know that your relationship is genuine, ongoing and that you are committed to a future life together.

Emigrating to be with you loved one is a highly emotional experience. It seems to take forever, why do they need all this information, don't they trust us - and what if I don't get the visa!


We have helped many couples from all sorts of backrounds and relationships gain that visa. The visa that allows them to have their future together.

Partner Visas


There are three routes:


As a Married Partner normally living together.


As a De-Facto partner - this is a couple who have lived together exclusively for at least 12 months. This includes those in same-sex relationships.


A Prospective Marriage visa that allows entry to Australia then having married to apply for a married partner visa

How we help you secure that

important visa.


1. We ensure through talking to you that your background and relationship meet current immigration regulations and guidelines.


2. There are many grey areas for these visas. We guide you on the information needed and support you ensuring that the history of your relationship is presented accurately and clearly.


3. We provide a written offer of service outlining our fixed fee and the current government fees. Currently these visas are taking around 12 months for processing.


We manage the process on your behalf keeping you and your partner fully informed.

"Hello Ian, We have never met but you helped my partner (Gabriel) with our dream of him coming back to Australia with me.


When everyone else thought 'it was too hard' as he was from Romania, you took it in your stride and talked us through it until we got there! Thank you!!


Joanne Henderson"..

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