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Why Us? An important question and one we can answer honestly.


We are highly experienced and successful in helping clients achieve their visas - our main work is in securing those visas highlighted on this web-site.


Over many years we have guided and supported many 100's of clients through to successful visa issue. Advising on the many elements of relocation, removals, money transfer, jobs search and how to source local information.


Throughout your relocation programme we provide a truly personal service. We care and take great pride in working with so many people, helping them achieve their dreams.


Helping people create new lifes for themselves and families, bringing parents and children  together and helping new couples enjoy a shared life - this is what we are about.


It gives us great satisfaction helping people and we would love the opportunity to help you so please get in contact now.




Emigration is a complex and frustrating business. Regulations and policies are constantly changing and not just with the visa process. How jobs and qualifications are assessed, who is doing it, what is the current approach. How long are tests valid. What is the health check, where do I get police checks and will my past be a problem? I'm divorced - can my children come with me. I'm in a new relationship ...


Yes emigration can be a real headache but with our experience, support and guidance we do everything we can to make you very happy - so you can start YOUR NEW LIFE IN AUSTRALIA

Where Do I Begin...


Contact Us: Advice On Migration Ltd, 3 Drummond Close, Winchester SO22 4AW

Telephone: +44 (0) 1962 809554  www.emigration-services.co.uk

email: [email protected]

We helped Sue and Scott move to Australia early 2000's. This is what they said at that time;

"Many thanks for all your hard work. Ours wasn’t the easiest of cases but true to you word you got us there in the end."


Scott sponsored his parents and their visa have now been granted - April 2016


Many thanks for all you have done for us " Keeping our feet on the ground " with all good advice. Jean & Chuck.

“You have supported us completely through every step and made a difficult process manageable.


You have been so professional and friendly at the same time, and even though you have been busy with many other clients you’ve never been to busy to be on hand when we needed your advice.


Without all you help I would have torn my hair out and thrown the application forms in the bin many times. But here we are about to embark on our new lives in Australia and live our dream.” Lynette & Paul Deakin 

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